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Create Delightful web experiences
with Webflow

With Daniel Abudu & Dave Marz

A practical,  fluff-free approach to getting started with product design for beginners.

There is a lot of jargon that is pervasive when it comes to UI/UX Design and with the plethora of “information” & opinion pieces littered all over the net, it’s easy to get intimated if you’re looking to kickstart your career in UI/UX. This course will be your guide to effective and practical UI/UX Design, cutting through the noise to get you started.
It’s made for those looking to switch careers into UI/UX Design roles or those looking to add UI/UX Design to their skillset.

Course content

What you’ll learn when you take this course

Intro to User Experience

Design Thinking

User Research

Designing for Inclusion

Laws of UX and Best Practices

Diving into UI Design

Color Theory

Design Systems

Art Direction

Grids & Layout Design

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Create Delightful Experiences with

with Daniel Abudu, Dave Mars

NGN 30,000.00


Installment Payment not Available

With Installment Payment, you’ll pay NGN 30,000.00
to acccess the course then NGN 30,000.00 after 4 weeks.
Terms & Conditions apply

Beginner Friendly
Access to Live & Video Sessions
Access to Mentor for  feedback
Downloadable resources
Certificate upon Completion

Meet your Instructors

Leslie Williams

Daniel Abudu

Instructor, Ovalay Academy

Leslie Williams is a multidisciplinary designer with
16 years of professional experience of transforming ideas into products, living in the beating heart of Lagos, Nigeria.
He's the Lead Product Designer at TeamApt, where he’s currently creating new experiences for Financial Inclusion.

When he’s not working for Oga, Leslie is also the Principal at Ovalay Academy and community towncrier at Design JobCaster,
a 2500+ telegram community for creative talents to hangout, share ideas and advance their careers

If you see him in real life, buy him pizza. He’s cheap like that.

Dave Mars

Instructor, Ovalay Academy

David is a creative and skilled professional with an adept background in design.
David has over two years of experience as a Webflow developer and four years of experience as a
Product designer converting design prototypes into well-functional websites.

David strives to develop exceptional digital experiences using Webflow.